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Where does Nino's Java come from?

Nino’s Java java wood is selected from unproductive coffee tree plantations. The other materials are selected natural materials.

Is every piece of Ninos Java individual?

Yes. Every single piece is unique – as “Designed by Nature”.

How is Nino's Java produced?

Skilled craftsmen fashion the products. Waste is minimised by respecting and working with what nature delivers in terms of shape, size colour, texture etc. Hence the individuality and uniqueness of each and every piece.

Is variation in natural products normal?

Yes. In fact it’s the individuality and uniqueness inherent in natural products that we treasure. We encourage creative responses to the natural materials to encourage beneficial activity.

Can I customise my Nino's Java?

Yes. We understand that every piece and user is an individual. We encourage owners to respond to the uniqueness of their pet. Also many of our products can be used for different animals eg There are some products that look like a bird toy but these are also excellent for pocket pets. Another example is that many of the bird perches and stands can be used for reptiles too. Uses are only limited by our imagination. We know of owners trimming, cutting, drilling, shaping and reorganising for various reasons, such as look, space requirements, feeding, foraging, gripping, exercise or other requirements. Nino’s Java presents an opportunity to take your environment to the next level in a natural way that suits you and your pet perfectly. Having said all that, if you do want to customise, then you should consider this carefully, as many customisations are permanent and not reversible.

Where can you buy Nino’s Java?

You can buy Nino’s Java at the selected retailers listed on our website Store Locator, located on the Home page under Contact Us.

How is Nino’s Java cleaned and maintained?

In an effort to stay close to nature, we recommend that Nino’s Java only needs a regular wipe with a clean cloth that is dampened with water. We discourage the use of chemicals. Sometimes vinegar diluted in water can be of assistance. Always test a small patch first. Note – excessive exposure or soaking of water on timber can create tannin stains. If you are in any doubt as to what products are safe for your pet we recommend you seek advice from a professional such as a vet.