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Why Java Wood Makes The Toughest Dog Chew Toys

Why Java Wood Makes The Toughest Dog Chew Toys 

If you’re looking for one of the toughest dog chew toys on the market, then a Java Wood Tuff Chew from NIno’s Java is probably what you are looking for.

Of course, don’t ask for your puppy’s opinion on the matter because they’re perfectly happy using your slippers, door stops, TV remote controllers, and whatever else they can find around the house as the subject of their chew-focused desire!

If you, however, as the doting pet-owner, want a safe, natural, durable, affordable and tough dog chew toy, Tuff Chew is the way to go!

What is a Tuff Chew?

A Tuff Chew is made of Java wood which comes from a special variety of plantation coffee tree. The Java wood used in Nino’s Java products is 100% natural and is sustainably sourced to ensure  a minimal environmental impact whilst providing a maximum impact chewing experience for your pooch!

How is Java wood used in dog chew toys?

Nino’s Java is dedicated to making high quality pet toys using the unparalleled and unrivalled Java wood material, including our super-tough dog chew toys, the Tuff Chew.

We handcraft our chew toys directly from plantation trees, carving out unique and durable chew toys for dogs of all sizes to enjoy. The coffee trees we source our wood from are the unproductive trees. We see this is an extension of our “Designed by Nature” motto, hence we seek to minimise waste of natural resources, via smart repurposing.

The use of all natural wood in the dog toy also works to engage the canine’s instinct to find naturally occurring objects to chew just as their ancestors did in the wild.

So everyone wins.

Why is Java wood the toughest dog chew toy?

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably experienced the gut wrenching moment where you turn your back on your furry mate after rewarding him/her with a freshly bought chew toy, only to find the next time you look at them said chew toy is gone. Or destroyed. Or ruined.

Not all dog chew toys are actually designed with dogs in mind! Many chew toys are made from plastic, low quality rope or slippery and uninteresting (for your dog) silicon. A chew toy for your dog has to not only engage their interest, but it also has to be tough enough, durable enough and long lasting enough to make the purchase worth it. That’s exactly why we source Java wood to create our super-tough dog chew toys.

Java wood makes for truly indestructible dog chew toys!

Our products last longer than just about any other man-made / synthetic toy on the market. In fact, we know some “power chewers” (Staffordshire Terriers, Chocolate Labradors, believe it or not Standard Poodles, Rhodesian Ridgebacks) who have had their Chews for years!

Java wood is a naturally high density wood making it a tough and durable material for your dog to chew on. In our experience and research, we’ve found that most dogs bite and scrape at the Java wood, shaving tiny specks off which are then spat out. Note that the Tuff Chew java wood is the same wood used for carving furniture and other handicrafts. This means that your Tuff Chew toy will last a lot longer than edible chew toys like rawhide, bones or animal ears. We are not suggesting you do not give rawhide etc, however we believe the Tuff Chew can compliment these things and be part of the variety you provide your dog.

Java wood is also resistant to damage, dirt and decay so there’s nothing your dog can do to it to soften its tough durability. In fact each Tuff Chew is specifically selected so as to find the piece of Java Wood that has a suitable amount of twist and / or knot in the timber grain. Whilst this is not so obvious to begin with, this can reveal itself after a period of attention from the dog. It’s the detail of these particular characteristics of the Tuff Chew that makes it such a challenge for the dog, and consequently gives the Tuff Chew it’s ability to last a long time.

It’s not just the material itself that makes Java toys so great. The unique shape of every individual, hand produced wood toy means that your dog will enjoy variety every time they go to settle down for a chewing session. This will not only keep them engaged but will also make the experience of chewing last longer.

Is Java wood the best alternative to plastic dog chew toys? 

Each and every Tuff Chews is produced by nature then individually made by hand. But whether or not sustainably produced, naturally occurring dog toys are a priority to you, there are plenty of other reasons why Java wood is not only a great alternative to plastic dog chew toys but the BEST alternative.

Java wood is simply safer. Plastic chew toys are synthetic and artificially manufactured products meaning that any bits and pieces ingested by your dog could cause health issues. Not only is Java wood naturally better, but the manner in which dogs chew on it (scraping and biting as opposed to ripping or pulling plastic) means less material can be ingested.

In fact, Java wood is actively beneficial for your dog’s wellbeing as it can help with oral hygiene through the strengthening of gums and the scraping off of teeth plaque.

Of course, your puppy might not discriminate between artificial and natural objects to destroy around the house, but there’s an instinctive canine preference in general for naturally occurring woods and sticks to chew. The Tuff Chew takes full advantage of that instinct.

Lastly, while plastic chew toys may seem durable, most only stand up to the first puncture, hole, tear in your dog’s mouth. Once that persistent pooch has made a breakage, the plastic toy becomes progressively easier to chew and destroy. Java wood toys, in comparison, offer a consistently tough chewing experience whether it’s Day 1 or Day 100.

Is the Tuff Chew suitable for all dogs? 

Chihuahuas, Jack Russells Terriers, Dobermans, Great Danes…

Dogs of every size can enjoy Tuff Dog Chews! Our toys come in 5 sizes–small, medium, large, Extra Large, and Extra Extra Large–so every tail-wagging, tongue-hanging pup can enjoy! Due to the fact that we hand source our Java wood they can vary in exact dimension and shape, but all toys are roughly 16 centimetres long.

If you’re unsure which size to buy for your dog, we recommend going the bigger size to ensure the toughest chewing experience for your dog.

Show Your Dog You Love Them

What better way could you show your dog you love them than with the world’s toughest dog chew toy, Tuff Chews? These long lasting Java wood products aren’t just bang for your buck as a financial investment, but the joy your best friend will experience is sure to be what brings joy to your heart!

Find out more about our Java wood pet products today!



Is Java wood superior for pet products?

Is Java wood superior for pet products?

Have you been thinking about buying Java wood bird perches? When it comes to our pets, we only want to use the best products, which is why Java wood has become so popular. Java wood products are not only great for our pets, but they are also great for the environment as well. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider buying Java wood products for your pets, whether you have birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, or pocket pets.

No nasty ingredients

As their name implies, these pet products are made from Java wood, which is a natural product. It’s actually derived from Java coffee tree.

This wood forms the basis of most of our pet products, such as Java wood bird perchesdog chews, and hides for pocket pets. Of course, since these products are made from natural wood, they don’t contain any plastics, synthetics or toxins, making them great for our pets.

Tough and durable

Most of us know that our pets can be a little aggressive with their toys, which is why Java wood’s toughness and durability is one of its best features. Our products are destruction resistant, which is good to know when you have an avid chewer on your hands, such as dogs or parrots.

Even though these products are really tough, they also look good and can quickly grab your pet’s attention. One of our product ranges that’s really interesting is the Java wood bird perches, because birds love anything different. They are highly inquisitive creatures and love the different sizes, shapes, and angles of these perches, scampering around these perches just as they would if they were in their natural habitats. Unless you have a large aviary with natural bushes and trees to entertain your birds, our Java wood bird perches are the next best thing!

Encourages foraging behaviours

When you introduce natural products to your pets, you actually encourage their foraging behaviour. This is extremely important because it mimics how they would find their food in the wild. The act of foraging not only stimulates all their senses, but it can help to prevent boredom, and bored pets can be destructive!

Foraging also encourages activity and exercise, both of which are important to your pet’s health. At Nino’s Java, we make sure that the design of our pet products stimulates your pet’s foraging behaviour, so they stay in tip-top shape!

For more information on our Java wood bird perches and other pet products, call us on 0467 205 001 or check out our range 



Natural dog toys keep your canine friend happy, healthy and safe

Treat your pooch to natural dog toys!

Some people say that we pamper our canine friends too much, but when it comes to our dogs, nothing is too much! Our dogs need to play and have fun, race around jumping and leaping, and generally having a hoot. They love playing catch and they love to interact with their owners. So one of the best ways you can engage and play with your pooch is to use interactive toys that are designed to be fun. Of course, there’s plenty of plastic dog toys available, but if you want your dog to be happy, healthy and safe, then natural toys may be an alternative to plastic.

Playing with your dog in the garden can make you both happy. It can take the edge off a stressful day at work, whilst your dog gets lots of exercise and has a fabulous time as well. There’s frisbees, tug of war toys, balls, and of course there are “chews”. The problem is that most of them are made from plastic.

Natural dog toys to the rescue!

Once you have finished playing with your canine friend in the garden, you can reward them with a treat that’s designed specifically for them. It’s made from all natural ingredients, so it keeps your dog happy, healthy and safe. With no plastics, chemicals or toxins, our natural Tuff Chews are really tough and give your dog hours of pleasure. Tuff Chew stands up to the toughest chewers, so they won’t be demolished quickly!

Tuff Chews are made from java wood that is sustainably sourced from coffee trees making it a safe, non-plastic alternative for your canine friend.

Tuff Chew has been researched and monitored in trial for three years, however you don’t have to take our word, because you can check our Facebook and Instagram pages to see videos of various size dogs happily chewing on these natural toys.

Tuff Chew offers more than regular dog toys in that it offers the additional benefits of teeth cleaning / enhanced oral hygiene, plus the quiet satisfaction that dogs seem to get from going about their instinctive activity of chewing.

It is obvious that the concept of chewing and biting should be paramount when selecting a toy that is safe for your dog. Dogs will chew just about anything they can find. They can often be found carrying their toys around with them, burying them, licking them and loving it! That’s why it’s important to select natural toys for your dog.

At Nino’s Java, we take the health, happiness and safety of your dog very seriously, which is why we only source natural dog toys that give your pet hours of fun, whilst keeping them safe. So why not check out our range of Tuff Chews and give your dog a welcome treat today!