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Is Java wood superior for pet products?

Nino's Java / java wood  / Is Java wood superior for pet products?

Is Java wood superior for pet products?

Is Java wood superior for pet products?

Have you been thinking about buying Java wood bird perches? When it comes to our pets, we only want to use the best products, which is why Java wood has become so popular. Java wood products are not only great for our pets, but they are also great for the environment as well. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider buying Java wood products for your pets, whether you have birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, or pocket pets.

No nasty ingredients

As their name implies, these pet products are made from Java wood, which is a natural product. It’s actually derived from Java coffee tree.

This wood forms the basis of most of our pet products, such as Java wood bird perchesdog chews, and hides for pocket pets. Of course, since these products are made from natural wood, they don’t contain any plastics, synthetics or toxins, making them great for our pets.

Tough and durable

Most of us know that our pets can be a little aggressive with their toys, which is why Java wood’s toughness and durability is one of its best features. Our products are destruction resistant, which is good to know when you have an avid chewer on your hands, such as dogs or parrots.

Even though these products are really tough, they also look good and can quickly grab your pet’s attention. One of our product ranges that’s really interesting is the Java wood bird perches, because birds love anything different. They are highly inquisitive creatures and love the different sizes, shapes, and angles of these perches, scampering around these perches just as they would if they were in their natural habitats. Unless you have a large aviary with natural bushes and trees to entertain your birds, our Java wood bird perches are the next best thing!

Encourages foraging behaviours

When you introduce natural products to your pets, you actually encourage their foraging behaviour. This is extremely important because it mimics how they would find their food in the wild. The act of foraging not only stimulates all their senses, but it can help to prevent boredom, and bored pets can be destructive!

Foraging also encourages activity and exercise, both of which are important to your pet’s health. At Nino’s Java, we make sure that the design of our pet products stimulates your pet’s foraging behaviour, so they stay in tip-top shape!

For more information on our Java wood bird perches and other pet products, call us on 0467 205 001 or check out our range 



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