What is Nino's Java?

Nino's Java are the creators and manufacturers of ALL NATURAL products for your pet. 

Why is Nino's Java perfect?

Nino's Java is PERFECT because the materials are not only NATURAL and BEAUTIFUL, they are also TOUGH, PRACTICAL and SAFE

Who designs Nino's Java?


Top Sellers


"Nino’s Java has the best bird perches and bird stands you can buy in Australia no one in my opinion has a better product that is natural available and of such high quality.

We dont have reptiles but if you have a lizard or a snake you should look at there reptile hollow logs also natural and extremely strong. Their service is amazing, super friendly"

- Simon Hoy

"Got my large and xl perches today they are a dream! my cockatoo would rip through normal perches like mad, but these are fantastic! also surprisingly lighter than I'd thought! i will for sure be back, these guys are top notch, fairly priced, so immensely helpful and all round a pleasure to deal with."

- Nellie Dennis

"Amazing variety of beautiful climbing trees and table top trees. Highly recommended for all Parrot owners."

- Matthew McKay

"I have ordered a coco surf for my birds. I’ve started using it with my cockatiel. He perched on it to sleep. I tried it on my hahns, he absolutely loved it. My eclectus is a bit jealous, i have to get him one too!

The multi branch perches i ordered were absolutely worth it.

After receiving the bonus gift of single perch, i had to order more!! They were perfect for all my cages, even for the baby ones i have hand raised."

- Tin Tin

Fantastic product! Our beautiful little girl loves her stand (table height) she climbs on it all the time. Very sturdy timber has not yet been able to chew through the branches. Love the product and hope to get another large stand soon.

- Damien Bugler

"Highly recommend Nino’s to all bird families out there! Captain and I are stoked with the trees we chose, and even the dog got a little treat as well 😂 thanks so much David & Fabiana 💕 so incredibly happy!"

- Skye Tanya

"I just received my Java wood stand and I love it I also got small branch as a present so in love with this Thank you very much."

- Buxy Bux

"I ordered the dog chew. My fur baby LOVES it. Great to use to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy, instead of giving high calorie raw bones or expensive dental sticks that doesn’t last three minutes. I let him chew for about half an hour and take it from him to give back for another day but he won’t give it back. I have to trade with a treat.
I also ordered the multi branch perch size small. I am still in the process of setting up aviary and still waiting for the arrival of my birdie. However, the moment i opened the package, it exceeded my expectations. It was bigger than i thought, and the branches itself have different diameters. Plus the added bonus of a single small perch (which i thought, again, wasn’t really small. Makes me wonder how big the other other sizes are!). In addition, Fab is amazing. Great customer service! And Nino is beautiful."

- Tin Tin

"This is the tree I have for my little guys..Lovebirds on atm but also used by my Quaker and Sunconure..
Can't wait to get one for my cockatoo..."

- Marion Santa

"He’s still guarding his toy like it’s his favorite bone ❤️ 😂"

 - Shaun Greenwell

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“Designed By Nature”

Nino's Java is simply the best choice.