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Natural dog toys keep your canine friend happy, healthy and safe

Nino's Java / toys  / Natural dog toys keep your canine friend happy, healthy and safe

Natural dog toys keep your canine friend happy, healthy and safe

Treat your pooch to natural dog toys!

Some people say that we pamper our canine friends too much, but when it comes to our dogs, nothing is too much! Our dogs need to play and have fun, race around jumping and leaping, and generally having a hoot. They love playing catch and they love to interact with their owners. So one of the best ways you can engage and play with your pooch is to use interactive toys that are designed to be fun. Of course, there’s plenty of plastic dog toys available, but if you want your dog to be happy, healthy and safe, then natural toys may be an alternative to plastic.

Playing with your dog in the garden can make you both happy. It can take the edge off a stressful day at work, whilst your dog gets lots of exercise and has a fabulous time as well. There’s frisbees, tug of war toys, balls, and of course there are “chews”. The problem is that most of them are made from plastic.

Natural dog toys to the rescue!

Once you have finished playing with your canine friend in the garden, you can reward them with a treat that’s designed specifically for them. It’s made from all natural ingredients, so it keeps your dog happy, healthy and safe. With no plastics, chemicals or toxins, our natural Tuff Chews are really tough and give your dog hours of pleasure. Tuff Chew stands up to the toughest chewers, so they won’t be demolished quickly!

Tuff Chews are made from java wood that is sustainably sourced from coffee trees making it a safe, non-plastic alternative for your canine friend.

Tuff Chew has been researched and monitored in trial for three years, however you don’t have to take our word, because you can check our Facebook and Instagram pages to see videos of various size dogs happily chewing on these natural toys.

Tuff Chew offers more than regular dog toys in that it offers the additional benefits of teeth cleaning / enhanced oral hygiene, plus the quiet satisfaction that dogs seem to get from going about their instinctive activity of chewing.

It is obvious that the concept of chewing and biting should be paramount when selecting a toy that is safe for your dog. Dogs will chew just about anything they can find. They can often be found carrying their toys around with them, burying them, licking them and loving it! That’s why it’s important to select natural toys for your dog.

At Nino’s Java, we take the health, happiness and safety of your dog very seriously, which is why we only source natural dog toys that give your pet hours of fun, whilst keeping them safe. So why not check out our range of Tuff Chews and give your dog a welcome treat today!




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