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MISS MONKEY coconut – FUN TIMES! ENTERTAIN and EXERCISE your pet or just DECORATE with party girl Miss Monkey! Let “birdy” play and rip at her MULTI-COLOURED (natural vegetable dye) java wood DREADLOCKS. Miss Monkey might be pretty on the outside but parts of her are TOUGH. So tough they can be RECYCLED to CREATE new BIRD TOYS. Parts like the nickel plated CHAIN and QUICKLINK, and the java wood and coconut shell components last, so they can be recycled. Having talked tough, it’s important to know that Miss Monkey loves company so let’s really get the party started by adding MR MONKEY to your bird’s scene too?

APPROX DIMENSIONS (cm) 40 long x 20 round

Note this toy may contain or develop small pieces. Supervised use recommended at all times.

The Incredible Miss Monkey

As a bird owner, you know that your birds are always curious and inquisitive! They love to entertain themselves with the simplest things, scampering around, dragging toys around in their cage or on the ground, and generally having a ball! They love to be out of their cage interacting with their humans and generally making a nuisance of themselves, and they absolutely love investigating anything new in their surroundings.

Our colourful Miss Monkey fits the bill perfectly, because it’s designed with their curious nature in mind, giving your birds hours of endless fun and games. 

Miss Monkey is Designed by Nature

Keeping your birds healthy and happy is always uppermost in our mind, so we think you and your bird are going to love our Miss Monkey. Miss Monkey has been designed by nature with a coconut face, plus hair made of coloured loofah and Java Wood beads for extra fun and enjoyment!

Miss Monkey is Sustainably Sourced

The materials of this toy are natural and sustainably sourced. This natural material is used to create our fabulous products that give pets hours of entertainment! 

Miss Monkey is Tough and Durable  

We all know that birds can be aggressive critters, destroying their toys as soon as they set their beaks on them! So you’ll be delighted to know that the Java Wood beads are tough and durable, giving your birds hours of fun and entertainment every day. We suggest having a range of toys that can be circulated on a daily basis. Java Wood performs under the toughest of conditions due to its combination of density, hardness, elasticity and weight. These properties mean that Nino’s Java Miss Monkey is not only super resistant to damage, dirt and decay, but it also provides a sense of security to your bird.

When you only want the best for your birds, it’s time to check out the Miss Monkey and our other range of sustainably sourced bird toys for sale 


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