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Mr Monkey coconut head with  husk hair and food in his mouth! Is this guy for real?


Nino’s Java is SUSTAINABLY hand crafted from waste plantation trees. The FUN is enhanced with the addition of other NATURAL MATERIALS such as coconut, loofah, bamboo, reed, seagrass, pumice and shell.

Being DESIGNED BY NATURE with minimal interference from hand crafting means that every single piece of Nino’s Java is UNIQUE.

Nino’s Java APPRECIATE you wanting the best for your pet, and we sincerely hope you both get as much ENJOYMENT as we do from our wonderful products.

The Magnificent Mr Monkey

Our Magnificent Mr Monkey is the perfect addition to your parrot’s play stand. All owners know that their parrot loves to explore and interact with their surroundings and can be loud, boisterous and very social! These inquisitive birds are highly intelligent and love to explore their world with gusto! They have an innate sense of curiosity, gambolling around their cage, tussling with their toys and generally having a fun time interacting with their human companions. They also love their toys and are delighted when presented with something new to explore. Parrots will spend an amazing amount of time opening a box to see what’s inside or fiddling with the latch to their cage hoping to escape and go exploring.

They need toys that are designed to appeal to their curious and inquisitive nature, but since they’re also very intelligent birds they also need to be challenged, as this keeps them interested. Mr Monkey is designed to delight and engage your parrot, encouraging their foraging behaviour and giving them plenty of exercise which is important for their health. 

That’s why the Mr.Monkey is the ideal toy for your bird, because you can stash their favourite treats in its mouth and they have to use all their ingenuity to clamber around and retrieve them.

Our Mr Monkey is a 100% natural product

We all want to keep our parrots happy and healthy, so opting for natural toys rather than plastic imitations is important to us. So you’ll be happy to know that our Mr Monkey is made from 100% natural materials. His head is made from a real coconut and other materials, such as java wood, loofah, bamboo and pandanus reed, are used to make Mr Monkey a safe and fun toy for your parrot.

Mr Monkey is handcrafted & sustainably sourced

All the materials used in the making of this large parrot toy are sustainably sourced, so it’s a very environmentally friendly option for your parrots play stand. Your parrot can spend hours of fun engaging with Mr Monkey. 

Whilst handcrafting has been kept to a minimum, these toys have been put together by hand, so each one is unique. No other parrots will have the exact same Mr Monkey as your parrot! 

Mr Monkey is tough and long lasting!

Due to the natural materials used to create Mr Monkey, it’s tough and long lasting. This means that your parrot can stomp all over their new toy, yanking out fibres and pecking at the coconut and it will keep on giving your parrot hours of fun. Coconuts are really tough and can stand up well to your bird’s antics. Even the java wood is tough, due to its density, weight, hardness and elasticity. All of this means that your Mr.Monkey is highly resistant to dirt, decay and damage.

If you want to keep your bird happy, healthy and safe, why not check out Mr Monkey and all his sustainably sourced friends?


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